OK, So There Has Been Some Swelling . . .

OK, so there has been some swelling, but I’ll take today’s picture every time if the alternative is going back 15 years.  So my vote:

Swell Anniversary

I’ll take this one because the 15 years have added the richness of shared experience and love that come with a lot of battles fought together side-by-side and, yes, sometimes face-to-face.  Knowing you as I do now, it wouldn’t take me three weeks to figure out I love you and want to spend every hour of my life with you; it would take no time at all.

It would take a long time, though, to tell you the many ways I love you-the ones I knew right away in 1986, and the ones that grow in life together as best friend, wise confidant, dedicated and loving mom, and follower of Christ.  You complete my every movement and breath in sickness and in health, in plenty and in want, in joy and in sorrow.  As long as we both live, may God grant me the grace to love and honor you as I promised 15 years ago.  May God grant us the grace to live together as one in the freedom of His love for us in Christ.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary!


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