Word of the Day – Swiftboat (v.)

Not being a particularly avid devotee of political blogs (much heat, little light), I missed the rising use of the word “swiftboat” as a verb, arising from the attacks on John Kerry by Swift Vets and POWs for Truth during the last presidential campaign.  The effectiveness of those attacks is indicated by the common usage of the word, e.g., “We will not be swiftboated on these issues.”  Nancy Pelosi, 01.09.07.

This usage of this word has prompted, er, disagreement over its proper meaning, which apparently is being conclusively determined by contributors to Wikipedia.  Compare one early entry to the present entry.  Some of the early wrangling over the entry is documented here (a post whose date will demonstrate just how far behind the political cutting edge I am). 

Hmm.  Maybe a wiki is the way to resolve theological disagreements and update creeds and confessions.  After all, who really needs church courts, commissions, assemblies, the Holy Spirit and all that?  This is a democracy isn’t it? 


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