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“We’re very much at the mercy of those we love, and never more so than when those we love don’t love us quite as we would wish in return.”

Exchange between Ashworth and Darrow:

“. . . Why, I can’t imagine how or why any man could do such a thing!”I

“That’s exactly the sort of remark people often make to a man who becomes a monk,” said Darrow. “They entirely overlook the fact that where a call from God exists, any other course of action becomes unthinkable. . . .”

A Darrow observation on atheism:

“What sort of atheist is your father anyway? It sounds to me as if he’s a man who’s too proud to admit there could be more to the world than he can discern with the aid of his senses yet too honest to be entirely comfortable with his arrogance; his attacks on Christianity and the Church suggest that he’s trying to convince himself as well as others that religion has nothing to offer.”

– Susan Howatch, Glittering Images, 253, 262-63


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