Fearfully and Tragically Fallen – Death


A neighbor about whom we cared much passed away after a long fight with cancer. His wife asked if I would like a few minutes alone with him, and I said yes. I had not been in the presence of death in quite a while, though I had been so several times before. Some reflections from my refresher course:

  • I hate death; I hope that God teaches me to hate it as much and just like He does.
  • My neighbor was no longer my neighbor, but rather an empty physical shell. He was gone. I hope he is free.
  • Death is utterly unnatural.
  • Death is utterly offensive. It loudly demands an answer-not merely an explanation, but a conclusive response.
  • In Christ, death has its final conclusive response. It lost.

Two hours later, I heard the baby’s heart beat, 156 beats each minute and strong. Thump, thump, thump, thump . . . .


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