Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Reason


L(3) [swinging on a swingset to my pushing, no one else around]: Dad?

D: Yeah, L?

L(3): Why can people talk?

D: Because God made them with vocal cords, voice boxes, voices, and mouths and throats to project their voices.

[8 seconds; yes, I often count]

L(3): Dad?

D: Yeah, L.

L(3): Why can’t babies talk?

D: Well, even though people are made with bodies that help them talk, they need their moms and dads and sisters and brothers to help them learn how to say words and make sentences.

[15 seconds]

L(3): Dad?

D: Yeah, L?

L(3): I’m gonna teach the baby to talk and walk.

D: You bet you are, L.


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